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Photo Restoration

How much are your memories worth?

Old photographs offer special glimpses into the past. Nostalgic memories of times that were special and people that should be cherished. They often help us remember absent friends and family and it can be heart-breaking when these photographs get damaged.  

One of our most popular services is photo restoration. The image below shows a very traditionally styled photograph of someone’s father. It was damaged by damp and years of sticky tape abuse. Below is a testimonial from the client after seeing the resulting image.


"....the original print we gave you was very badly damaged - creased and torn in many places, with pieces missing. We had taken it to several other 'specialist' restorers across the region, all of whom had advised us that it was beyond repair.


Unlike the others, you at least offered to help. The result is truly astonishing. You have not only made a few minor repairs - you have also completely restored the images. None of the damage is visible, the colours and tones are vibrant again and, perhaps the most remarkable of all, you have created fresh images to replace the missing sections...." John Wood




If we can help you restore your treasured family photographs and memories, please get in touch.

Design Your Own

Our sister company incudes web-based design software to let you design your own t shirt from scratch or by using any of our vast range of cliparts. We can also set up your own shop area should you feel tempted to sell your own t-shirts without the cost of equipment for designing and printing!

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